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Energy Bill Concerns

We offer a number of ways to reduce your energy bill. Some can be done for a small investment, others a larger investment, all with a corresponding return on investment.



Variable Speed Equipment

High Efficiency Equipment

The following questions will guide you through these points of consideration:

What type of space do you need to heat and / or cool?

Which energy source do you want to use to heat your home?

What type of system would you like in your home?

Please select answer to question above first

Heating and Cooling Systems

To help us with your evaluation, we need to know what type of system you have in your home. Review the system types below, and chose the one that best represents the system you have in your home. Click on any image for more details about that system type.

Are you interested in a variable speed system?


Systems with variable speed blower motors have significant advantages over single speed systems.

Greater Comfort

  • Reduced room temperature fluctuation
  • Better humidity control
  • Quieter operation due to motor ramping up and down slowly vs on/off
Mother and Child in comfortable, healthy home

Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Air cleaners only filter the air when the blower is on -  variable speed can run continuously for just pennies a day

Save Money

  • Lower energy billsBag of Money
  • Improves system heating & cooling performance
  • Energy Star rated

Standard VS. Variable Speed Blower

Temperature Swing Comparison
Graph: Temperature Swing Comparison
System Blower Cycle
Graph: System Blower Cycle

What level of system efficiency are you interested in?

Please select the system type above before answering this question.

System Efficiency and Savings

The average homeowner spends about $1,900 annually on energy bills. Heating and cooling accounts for as much as half of a home's energy use.

Please provide us the following information: